2013 National Cycling Participation Survey


The National Cycling Participation Survey has been conducted for the past 2 years and provides Australians with a snapshot of the level of cycling being undertaken across each state. The 2013 statistics show that approximately 734,000 people ride a bike each week in Queensland alone, and around 1.5 million people ride at least once in a typical year. This suggests that 17% of Queensland residents ride a bike in a typical week and 35.4% in a typical year.

However participation has shown to be much greater in males than in females, with 22.4% of males riding in a typical week compared to 11.7% of females. The yearly participation rate in Queensland has also largely decreased and is primarily attributable to a decrease in participation in Brisbane! Come on guys! All the ladies out there in Queensland, jump on your bikes and get that percentage rising. As for all of you Brissy goers, keep up the good work and encourage more of your friends and family to get on their bikes so that we can have more people riding and enjoying our beautiful city.

Image: http://www.austroads.com.au/abc/australian-cycling-participation-2013

Weather Warning for Brisbane

Gusty thunderstorms are heading Brisbane’s way, possibly becoming more severe as the afternoon progresses. Please stay safe and be careful on the roads.

For more info and the latest updates visit http://www.bom.gov.au/qld/forecasts/brisbane.shtml

The Cycle Centre will be OPEN tomorrow

The Cycle Centre will be open tomorrow as per usual as the water is now back up and running.

However the bike ramp will be the only way to access the centre until further notice is given regarding both the lift and stair access. Thank you for your patience and we will see you all tomorrow.


After an eventful morning, Cycle2City is once again open to our members!

Fortunately, the burst water main did not cause any damage to the centre.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation…

Have a wonderful day!



ATTENTION: BCC has restricted all access to the centre today due to a burst water main in King George Square Station. Please do not enter the bike way this is deemed hazardous. There is minimal water damage in the centre, however no one can enter the centre until the situation is resolved by BCC. We will provide status updates about the situation through the website. Thank you for cooperation at this time.

National Ride2Work Day!


2013-R2W-Web-Tile-Date-250px-Ride2Work Day 2013

That’s right everyone, tomorrow Wednesday 16th October is National Ride2Work Day! This is a year round program that aims to encourage thousands of Australians to start riding to work, demonstrating to people the benefits they will experience, and providing them with mechanisms to overcome any barriers. Current commuters can share ideas and support and encourage new riders.

So why ride to work? There are numerous benefits including the fact that it’s cheap, it’s convenient, weight loss and maintenance can occur, cardiovascular capacity will increase, stress will be reduced, and most importantly it’s fun!

There is also a FREE Ride2Work community breakfast being held in every city nationwide, and for all of you Brissy goers this will be at Melange Cafe on Roma Street Parklands Boulevard from 7:00-8:30am. This breakfast is a fantastic way to be part of something big, support the local community, and give confidence to those who are new to riding to work.

Why not give it a go, jump online and register today at ride2work.com.au.

Image: https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/ride2work/93176/

Cars vs. Cyclists


Just over a month ago the channel 7 TV program Sunday Night aired a segment based on cars versus cyclists, the point of which was to plea with people for more calm and consideration on our roads. To reinforce this plea, the program highlighted what can happen when things go wrong due to the actions of careless motorists.

Although portrayed as a “war”, surely it can’t be considered as such when one side has a weapon of massive destruction, and the other side is unarmed and defenseless. 

Despite this, there have been suggestions made that cyclists should be banned from city centers, or become registered as a “way for motorists to take cyclists seriously”.

The idea  that cyclists hold up traffic is proven entirely wrong by a man named Tim Golby, who created a “How many cars did I pass today” section on the Bicycle Channel. He filmed his commute from the Melbourne suburb of Essendon to the CBD, and by adding the number of cars he overtook and subtracting the ones that passed him, he shows himself beating 589 vehicles into the city.

This is both quick and cheap and keeps you energised and healthy. Think of how much better it would be for all of those involved, including the jammed motorists, if there were more cyclists travelling to work in this way. And the more cyclists there are, the safer it gets for the cyclists on the road. 


Source: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/executive-style/fitness/cyclist-passes-589-cars-on-way-to-work-20130828-2sqh5.html# 

Image: http://lovingthebike.com/uncategorized/cycling-versus-driving