Gears not changing smoothly? Cables feel stiff? Bike not very nice to ride?

It is probably time for a service!

Our experienced bicycle mechanic Jonathan can bring any bike back to life!


Workshop Menu

Wash & Lube   $79.95

– Chain, cassette and chain rings removed & degreased

-Bike hand washed with Eco friendly, waste water safe detergent

-Lubricated with specialty lubrication for all moving part & a protection tube applied to chain

-Minor or quick adjustments can be made



Standard Service  $129.95

Frequency – Recommended every 4 months for regular riders or at least every 6 months

– Includes Wash & Lube (value $79.95)

-Includes fitting of most replacement parts

– Comprehensive check & adjust of all bike components, including wheels etc.

-Completed with test ride & free follow up adjustment within 1 month, if new cables are fitted



Premium Service   $279.95

Frequency – Recommended every 12 months for bike that have not been regularly serviced

-Recommended for Mtb bikes to ensure bearings are properly lubricated for off-road conditions

-Includes Wash & Lube + Standard Service + Complete Disassembly & Reassembly

-Includes free bar tape ($45 value) & genuine cable set ($59 value)

– All bearings check, adjusted & greased

– All fasteners greased & tensioned to prevent unwanted noises

– Completed with test ride & free follow-up adjustment within 1 month for cables etc.


Pre-booking recommended – Book your service by calling the centre at (07) 3221 6868

Contact Jonathan with any other queries –