The sleek ergonomic styling of the new packs does not interfere with the necessary actions of motorsports. The soft, open-end reservoir with a non-leak velcro closure has been touted as the best hydration alternative because it eliminates the potential hazard of having a large, hard plastic screw-top in the middle of the rider’s back, making landings less adventurous. Hydrapak has done rigorous testing in the field, and the reservoirs, which offer a lifetime warranty, have withstood every hardened test including driving a car over the reservoir!

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A small change makes a BIG difference in safety

Do you cycle to work in heavy traffic???

Do you find yourself not being seen? Then you need to come and test out the this “Hornit DB140” it is going to make a difference when you need to bring attention to other road users.

The  Hornit dB140 is the loudest cycle horn on the market. It emits a piercing 140 decibel sound which is enough to alert trucks, vans, buses, cars and even ‘in-aworld- of-their-own’ pedestrians. Compatible with all styles of bikes, including road bikes, it gives riders a way of letting all other road users know where they are and makes riding much safer.


? Piercing 140dB sound

? Alerts all drivers

? Fits all bikes

? Safe and easy to operate when braking

? 2 modes, including quieter “Park” mode

? Splash Proof

? 2 x AAA batteries included

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Upcoming events!

Good afternoon cyclists!

With this beautiful weather shining down upon us, I thought I would take the time to share with you all a few exciting cycling events coming up in Queensland.

4- 5 August: Gold n Beach Ride (Not a race). Mt Morgan, Rockhampton, Yeppoon.

12 August: Moreton Bay 100.

18-19 August: Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer.

8- 16 September: Gayndah to Noosa via Hervey Bay.

23 September: Redlands Classic (15/45/75 km).

7 October: Santos GLNG Brisbane to the Gold Coast Challenge.

17 October: National Ride2Work Day.