Benefits of the Bike









Did you know that on a bicycle, you can travel up to 1,037kms on the energy equivalent to that of a single litre of petrol? Taking the bike instead of the car has so many benefits, benefits you had probably never even thought of. Like the fact that if you cycle regularly, you can expect to be as fit as an average person 10 years younger than you. Or that on a bicycle your heart works as your own motor which improves it’s own strength and efficiency. When you are cycling through city traffic you are not only faster but friendlier and more free than any other vehicle on the road, meaning you start and finish your day on a higher note.  Other interesting facts about bikes include:

  • On a bicycle you use fewer watts of energy than a car consumes to simply power it’s lighting system for the same distance
  • On a bicycle you consume a 50th of the oxygen consumed by a motor vehicle
  • A moderate half-hour each-way commute will burn eight calories a minute
  • Bicycles have outsold cars for the past six years in Australia, with sales of more than a million bikes per year for three years in a row
  • Driving 4km less a day reduces driving by 1,460km a year – this cuts greenhouse gas by 3,358kg and running costs by $876 for an average medium car

So what more excuse do you need! Keep those legs pedalling and enjoy the wide variety of benefits that riding your bike has to bring.






Please be advised of the following Update to the full bike ramp opening:

  • Due to the weather over the weekend again this past week, the works on the bike ramp have been delayed until closer to the weekend.  Work will continue over the weekend (27/07 and 28/07) when there are no cyclists using the ramp – this will avoid intermittent temporary disruption occurring
  • The ramp will be closed from and including Friday 26th July through to Wednesday 31st July. All cyclists are asked to use the lifts during this period as there must be no traffic of any sort on the ramp to ensure that the full curing and application of anti skid is undertaken without any issue

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may be causing, and thank you all for your patience.

C2C Team.

Attention Members; Opening of C2C Bike Ramp

To all of our lovely members,

If you haven’t been updated already, the cycle centre entry ramp will be open this Monday the 22nd July – Hooray! However, due to wet weather in the past week there has been a delay in the anti skid surfacing application which will now be applied next week after the ramp dries out as it can not be applied to a damp surface. Therefore use of the ramp will be conditional and controlled, so we ask that all users reduce their speed and ride with caution. If there are any concerns about the ramp, please access the centre via the lifts. The final works on the ramp will be done as soon as possible, and the full ramp should be complete by the end of next week provided good weather conditions. 

Thank you all for your patience & understanding.

The Importance of Zzz’s
















Recent studies have shown that not getting those 6-8 hours of sleep that our body needs each night can lead to serious health implications – even losing just one single night’s sleep can have an immediate effect on the body. Extensive research has demonstrated that a lack of shut-eye and disrupted sleeping patterns can suppress the immune function and increase the chances of heart attacks and potentially fatal cardiovascular disorders. Various other negative factors have been associated with sleep deprivation, including evidence that it could physically shrink the size of your brain. Other factors include:

  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Visual and auditory delusions
  • Paranoia
  • Weight loss
  • Tissue-damaging inflammation
  • Sugary and fatty food cravings
  • Risky decision-making
  • Changes in gene activity

Therefore the importance of a good night’s sleep is crystal clear – ensure those 6-8 hours of Zzz’s are acquired each night and your body will without a doubt thank you for it.






Taking Bicycles to a New Level


A massive human-powered helicopter designed by Canadian duo Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert has recently won one of the longest-standing challenges in aviation history. “The Atlas” is controlled by having a single pilot pedal a bicycle-like wheel to turn the aircraft’s four enormous, independent rotors. On June 13th, this human-powered helicopter reached a height of nearly 11 feet and stayed in the air for 64.11 seconds. Impressive? I think so!



Brisbane Bike Adventures


Now Australia’s third largest city, Brisbane is one of our country’s most unique. With such a convenient location, Brisbane is within close proximity to many beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, and much, much more – what better excuse to jump on the bike and explore what Brisbane has to offer. There are many bike paths around Brisbane which can be used for both fun and fitness, with some favourites including the Boondall Wetlands ride, Brisbane City, Kedron Brook, New Farm, Toowong and West End rides. All providing different surroundings and scenery, these rides are a great way to love and appreciate the great outdoors of the capital of the beautiful Sunshine State.

For more info on Brisbane’s bike adventures visit: (Image)