Get Moving This October


It’s the first day of a new month and what better way to start it than by jumping on your bike and riding to work on this beautiful Tuesday morning. The middle month of Spring brings blue skies, warmer temperatures and happy days, so why not get outside and enjoy it. There are many cycling events to participate in this October, ranging from family-friendly rides to those more physically demanding.

One of these events is the Green Heart Fair family fun ride, a short 4 kilometre ride that is perfect for bringing the family together in a fun and healthy way. This ride is on Sunday 13th October and goes through Carindale, with a free hot brekky provided afterwards.

For all the women out there, “bicygals” is a group of female cyclists who do various cycling activities together. Exercising while socialising and having fun at the same time, “bicygals” welcomes all females to join. So what are you waiting for! Join them on Sunday 13th October at Clayfield to do a Northside loop ride.

The major ride of the month is the upcoming Santos GLNG Brisbane to Gold Coast cycle challenge. This ride will be held on Sunday 20th October and will begin at Southbank where cyclists will then ride 100km down the coast. This event raises funds for the Heart Foundation and tests your strength, both physically and mentally.

And we can’t forget the most important day of the month, National Ride2Work Day! Wednesday 16th October is National Ride2Work Day, where people all around the country are encouraged to jump on their bikes and ride to work. Registration for this event helps campaign for better bike facilities across the country, and inspires others to take the healthy option and start riding. Ride2Work community breakfasts will also be held nation-wide.

If you would like to know more about any upcoming cycling events in Brisbane, visit or for more information.




Stronger Muscles, Longer Life


Over a period of 18 years, researchers have been conducting a study involving nearly 9000 men. This study has compared things including muscular strength in the upper body and legs, to the chances of dying from any cause – particularly cancer or heart disease. It has been suggested that being strong may result in a longer life, as muscle strength seems to protect against cancer and all combined causes of death. Poor muscle strength in the male participants was associated with being unhealthy, but when they tested for things like high cholesterol, fatness, smoking and blood pressure, muscle strength protected the body.

Muscles can change the way that insulin works, and insulin may affect how cells in the body grow. A greater muscle mass also means that more calories are burned at rest, giving some protection against weight gain which is known to be cancer associated.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure why this association between muscle strength and cancer protection might exist, but it sure is a good reason to incorporate some more resistance training into our exercise schedule.



Aqua Cycling


The latest and greatest exercise trend in Europe, and more recently in the US, is underwater cycling! Aqua Cycling is yet to take off here in Australia but it won’t be long before we too have the opportunity to dive into an aqua spin class.

This activity is set up exactly like a spin class, except that the stationary bikes are in a pool. Aqua cycling has many benefits, perhaps the most significant being that your body weight is supported by the water. This means that there is virtually no physical impact on the body, which allows the joints to be protected.

However, a great alternative while we wait for Aqua cycling to make a splash in Australia is deep water running. Deep water running requires you to be submerged in water and allows you to feel resistance through the entire body. This resistance forces opposing muscles to work, providing a great cardiovascular and strengthening workout. In addition to this, being deep in the water decreases stress on the joints and increases the body’s range of motion.

So while we hang out for a ride in the pool,  try out water running and let your body thank you.



Ride for Life 2013




Ride For Life 2012 1113

The Brisbane BMW and Westside BMW’s Ride for Life Challenge is approaching again quickly! Now in its fourth consecutive year, a new 80km route is being introduced around Brisbane city and surroundings, which both starts and finishes at Hamilton’s Northshore Riverside Park. Last year more than 800 cyclists raised $27,000 for charity simply by taking part in this ride, with all race proceeds going towards three different charities – Guide Dogs Queensland, The Pyjama Foundation and Nexgen Foundation. 

Riders are encouraged to hop on their bikes this Sunday 10th November to support this year’s challenge, with the chance to once again rub shoulders with cycling great and Ride for Life ambassador, Robbie McEwen.

Cyclists who participate in this event will receive a Ride for Life jersey, a fully supported ride with a full police escort, a rest stop with refreshments, course Cycle Guides, first aid, mechanical support and support vehicles, as well as an exclusive after-party at Byblos Bar and Restaurant.  

Corporate groups, local teams and individuals are all encouraged to register for the non-competitive social event, and spectators are also encouraged to attend. 

So what are you waiting for! Registrations are now open, sign up today to have some fun for a good cause. Visit for more information. 


Workshop Re-Opening: Monday 9th September

We are pleased to announce that our workshop will be up and running again next week! On Monday 9th  September we will be welcoming our new mechanic Jonothan to the Cycle to City team (: Please make Jonothan feel welcome and show him what C2C is all about! See the girls at reception to make your booking today.

Is coffee doing more harm than good?

Flat White Coffee

There is often much talk about whether coffee consumption is beneficial to our health or whether it has a negative impact on our body. That morning wake-up coffee is enjoyed by thousands of Australians every day, but many of us don’t really know the effect that it is having on our body. Previous studies have found conflicting evidence on the impact of coffee on health, with some evidence suggesting that it has beneficial effects on the immune system and cognitive performance, and others suggesting it can raise blood pressure and alter insulin activity.

However, recent studies suggest that people under the age of 55 who drink an average of four cups of coffee a day are at a 56% greater risk of death from all causes. This may be due to heavy coffee consumption influencing other unhealthy behaviours, such as going to sleep late and having a poor diet. This study also found that those who drank larger amounts of coffee were more likely to smoke and had less healthy lungs and hearts. 

Because drinking coffee forms a large part of modern living in our society, it’s easy to lose track of how much we are actually consuming. Drinking coffee in moderation, like most other things, can be beneficial to our health, however drinking too much can have a greater impact on our health than we may realise. 


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