The Road to an Active Lifestyle


We all know that it can be hard to find the motivation to get up and get active, especially when emerging from a dark and cool winter. It’s difficult to keep yourself going, and we’re all great with coming up with reasons not to be active.  But then we remember the many benefits that being regularly active brings, from the obvious health ones to having more energy and feeling more positive, and we want to get going! So where to from here?

1. Start small – Throwing yourself in the deep end often results in a loss of interest, so start by doing something small and light. Keep the momentum going and gradually add a little bit more time or intensity to the activity.

2. Do bite-size sessions – Break a large session up into a few smaller sessions.

3. Variety is key – Don’t let yourself get bored. Whatever activity you are doing, make sure you vary the locations, distances and terrains where possible to maintain interest.

4. Be flexible – People who adjust their exercise routine to accommodate for their lifestyle are more likely to keep exercising than those who don’t. Avoid an all-or-nothing mentality – making it work for you will help you achieve your goals faster.

5. Get active together – There is no better motivator than exercising with friends, family or a group. Having support and encouragement to get out there when you least feel like it can make all the difference. Find someone who shares your goals, then encourage each other and enjoy your activities together.

6. Be kind to yourself – It is important that you take care of your joints and muscles as best you can to prevent injury. Be sure to stretch and warm up sufficiently, take rest days regularly to give yourself a chance to heal and treat yourself to frequent massages to soothe away any aches and pains. This will all help you to keep in top shape and enjoy your exercise for longer.

7. Reward yourself – When you reach a milestone in your new plan, treat yourself to something that is important to you.

8. Set an achievable goal – Your motivation will be much easier to maintain if you set a goal for yourself that is both achievable and rewarding. Make sure it really matters to you and working towards it will become so much easier.

Follow these 8 simple steps and begin your journey towards a healthy and active lifestyle.


Hello Spring!


It’s that beautiful time of year again when the skies are blue, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming – the perfect time of year to start fresh and be active! And what better way to do this than by jumping on your bike and enjoying the great outdoors. This season there are many different riding events on offer for people of all ages and all experiences. Some of these events include the Tour de Office, the Redlands Classic Ride, the Ride4MD, the Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge and the Rainbow Ride Cycle Challenge. Each of these events support a different cause and each route offers diverse scenery for you to enjoy along the way. For more details on these events visit Go ahead and challenge yourself this Spring – new season, new beginnings!