Top 5 Commuter Cycling Tips

Has this recent beautiful weather made you keen to get on your bike as much as possible?  Would you rather be on your bike under the blue sky than stuck on a bus?  Here are a few handy tips to make your cycle to work as convenient and easy as possible!

1. Plan your route: Brisbane has some of the best-dedicated bike ways making avoiding the traffic and getting to work on time easy. For more information check out:

2. Smile: Enjoy the cycle; it is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, remembering to smile to those that you pass. And when you ride home it provides a chance to relax and unwind after a busy day.

3. Take your time: Your cycle commute isn’t the time to set any Strava course records (on purpose). The roads are busy during peak hours with different types of road users and it is important to respect everyone on the road. As the weather gets better the bike lanes get busier. It’s not worth the few seconds of extra time to the next stop light to fly past someone, take your time and enjoy your bike!

4. Fuel up: Have a good breakfast before you set off and bring some snacks for your desk. A well-fed cyclist is a happy cyclist.

5. Dress for the commute: Tempting as it is to get up and get dressed in one outfit for the day, it’s usually best to pack your work clothes and wear something comfortable for the commute. Even better is taking advantage of cycle2city facilities and leaving your work clothes in your own locker and focusing on cycling in. That way you can come in whatever comfortable riding gear you fancy and make that ride to work all more enjoyable.


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Brisbane Councillor Schrinner visits Cycle2City

Great to catch up and show Cr Adrian Schrinner Cycle2City facilities and discuss future opportunities. We thank Cr Schrnner for taking time to vist and discuss bringing bigger and better options to our members. Cycle2City prides itself on innovation, we were one of the firsts to introduce such a facility to Brisbane. We provide an alternative to public transport with high quality, safe and secure bike parking, showers, lockers and support services at great value for money so that cycle commuting becomes the absolute pleasure it should be.

Our facilities are superior to most End of Trip Facilities found amongst newer buildings. Did you know you get your own locker, hot shower and a fresh daily towel to use all for the low cost of $4.88 per day (12mnth membership). We also offer great discounted rates to businesses either small or large in Brisbane. Be part of the Cycle2City movement by joining today or contact us directly