Australian Census 2016 – Cycling


Australian Census 2016 is fast approaching as we reach tomorrow night (9th August) be sure to say if you cycle to work. The data collected is one of the most important data sources used by governments in making future transport investment options.

In 2011, 1% of Australians indicated they travelled to work by bicycle on Census day. Government of all levels have used this figure to justify decisions around whether or not to fund bicycle infrastructure. If we are to have an impact on the future this is our small chance to do so.

Here at Cycle2City we support and encourage cycling to work and if you do too make sure you have your say!


If you are thinking about cycling to work Cycle2City provides a number of great options, taking the hassle out of commuting and makes your journey one of ease.  Head to where you can sign up or request a 3 day trial of the facilities we have.