Beating the Breakfast Blues.

Breakfast on the go: tips and ideas!

According to the Dieticians Association of Australia, enjoying a nutritious breakfast everyday is important for a number of health reasons. Research shows that breakfast can help you maintain a healthy weight, provides energy and essential nutrients, and improves alertness, concentration, mental performance, mood and memory.


Unfortunately, according to a study by Kraft Foods Australia, more than half of Australians are regularly skipping breakfast. The Kraft Foods ‘Aussie Breakfast Report’ researched the breakfast eating habits of Australians. The study found that more than half (56 per cent) are missing out on their morning meal at least once a week, and almost a third are skipping as many as three times per week.


The report found that many people attributed skipping breakfast to not having enough time in the morning.


Below are some healthy breakfast ideas and tips for having brekky on the go as recommended by the Dieticians Association of Australia.


Smart eating ideas for brekkie!


  1. A bowl of whole grain cereal with milk, a dollop of yoghurt and sliced fresh fruit. Try adding a sprinkle of nuts for extra crunch!
cycle2city breakfast on the go
  1. A delicious smoothie made from milk, fresh fruit and yoghurt


  1. A toasted slice of sourdough with some cheese, baked beans or avocado


  1. Untoasted muesli or rolled oats


  1. Poached eggs on whole grain toast with tomato, mushrooms or spinach


Rushed for time in the morning? No need to skip breakfast!


  1. breakfast tips cycle2cityKeep a supply of healthy whole grain cereals in the house. These are quick, easy and very nutritious. Try  quick oats – 90 seconds in the microwave!


  1. Prepare breakfast the night before by setting the table, with bowls and cutlery. This works well for children. You could also prepare bircher muesli the night before.




  1. If you eat breakfast at work, be prepared with some healthy food choices. For example, store some yoghurt and cheese in the fridge. Keep a loaf of whole grain bread, some nuts, fruit and tins of baked beans on hand.
  1. Smoothies are a quick. healthy and easy breakfast option, and can also be consumed on the go!


As the days grow cooler, the morning motivation can be harder, don’t sacrifice breakfast for an extra 10minutes in bed.  Fuel up and be ready for whatever the day throws at you.

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