We’re Still Open for Members: How we Combat Coronavirus!

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruption to life as we know it. With all non-essential services being forced to close last Monday at noon, most people are now either working from home – or not at work at all.

What does this mean for cycle2city?

For now, it is business as usual on our end – with some modifications. Brisbane City Council have confirmed that we are regarded as an essential service as an alternative to public transport, and as such we will remain open until further notice. Cycling is an excellent option now that social distancing is on everyone’s mind.

We have members who are considered to be in essential services who need to commute to the city, and we will stay open 24/7 for as long as we can, and as long as it is safe to do so.

That said, we have made changes in our routines to ensure the safety of our members:

We have strengthened our individual disinfection and social distancing procedures at cycle2city to minimise the risk of any infection, and encourage all visitors to use the hand sanitisers provided.

Our showers are already in cubicles, and we are taking further precautions by providing Viraclean in pressure sprayers to help disinfect the shower cubicles before and after use. Viraclean is a hospital grade disinfectant which doesn’t use chlorine, has a neutral pH and is completely biodegradable.

With these new routines in place in addition to our already high standards of cleaning and disinfection procedures within the facility, we believe that commuter cycling to cycle2city is one of the safest ways to get into the city at the present moment.

Membership freezes available

However, we understand that these are hard times for many, and our increased cleaning will mean little to those who won’t be going into the city for work at all in the near future. We have therefore temporarily removed the maximum membership freeze period of two fortnights per year.

We will review this decision by 30 April 2020. If you wish to freeze your membership please send your request to administration@cycle2city.com.au.

An administration fee of $10 per fortnight applies over the period of the freeze, but we hope that this can help ease the pressure that many are sure to be feeling these days. Please note that your usual access to cycle2city will not be available for the duration while your membership freeze applies. However, you may continue to store your bike and personal items in your locker with us. If you need to access these items, simply email administration@cycle2city.com.au with the subject line “ACCESS REQUEST” or contact us by phone as per below.

If you have any queries please let us know via email administration@cycle2city.com.au or by calling our founder John Hack directly on 0488 552 338.

Please stay healthy and well.

Bike with Brisbane – Active Commute Day

Bicycle Queensland’s Active Commute Day is taking place on Wednesday 18th March, and is rapidly approaching! Want to learn more about Queensland’s biggest celebration of active travel? Keep reading!

Bike with Brisbane – Active Commute Day is a free community event, and is suited for all current activity levels, and you are encouraged to sign up whether you’re already a member of the active commute community or if you’re curious about learning more!

By signing up for free you’ll also be able to join their free breakfast at QEII Courts of Law Forecourt, 415 George St, Brisbane. Beyond Bicycle Queensland’s free breakfast, you can also come through and enjoy free entertainment, exhibition stalls, competitions and prizes.

There will also be free guided active commutes on the day, which can be handy if you’re new to commuting with a bike, walking or jogging, or would simply like to join for the social aspect! Guided active commutes can take place on a bike, e-bike, handcycle, tandem, city cycle or as a walker or runner.

These guided commutes will take place from Toowong, Howard Smith Wharves, Dutton Park, Albion and Greenslopes. You can find more information on Bicycle Queensland’s website, including where and when to meet up.

Other highlights of the Active Commute Day include:

  • Cycle Advocacy and Education Activation
  • Active Commuter Social Media Activation
  • Entertainment, prizes and competitions
  • Harmony Ride and Launch of the Commuter Harmony Alliance

The event takes place on the Queensland Law Courts Plaza on Wednesday the 18th of March. Free breakfast and celebrations take place between 6:30 am and 8:30 am on the day, with guided commutes taking place at various times during the morning.

Visit the organisers’ website for more information or to sign up for a free breakfast in the city! We hope to see you there in two weeks!