Let Lockdowns be the Catalyst for Positive Change

With strict restrictions in place for many weeks, traffic in Brisbane has been drastically reduced. Rush hour now sees far smaller traffic peaks, and congestion is virtually non-existent compared to what it was like two months ago.

Non-essential workers are either working or staying at home, and many are getting a feel for cabin fever for the first time. One positive thing that’s come out of our collective lockdown is that people are going outside and enjoying their local footpaths and bikeways. But that presents its own challenges!

Recommended: Number of Bicycle Thefts Increases Alongside Number of Cyclists

Let’s just say that Brisbane’s cycling infrastructure still has room for improvement, especially in the CBD. Bikeways aren’t exactly available everywhere, and footpaths are often not in the best of shape. The number of bike lanes have definitely increased over the last few years, but we still have a way to go. In fact, both Melbourne and Sydney were ranked in the top 40 cycling cities in the world for 2019, but Brisbane is nowhere to be found on the list.

Brisbane City Council have spent years and millions of dollars improving and expanding a road network that is currently under capacity while pleas for improving city cycling have largely fallen on deaf ears.

Even now, the Lord Mayor is fast tracking $350 millions worth of road projects. In other major cities around the world, they are taking advantage of the decreased city traffic and are closing streets, implementing lower speed limits, and building dedicated bike lanes. Cities like Paris, Milano, Manchester, New York and Berlin are giving city roads back to their people.

It feels like the tide was turning. Our devastating bushfires increased the public awareness of the climate crisis, and the fact that we need to take action now. With traffic levels lower than in decades, this would be the perfect opportunity to pivot towards making Brisbane city green.

Over 100 Australian health and transport experts have published an open letter that calls for the government to enact urgent measures to support safe walking and cycling during our current pandemic.

Our narrow footpaths and limited bikeways make it nearly impossible to maintain social distancing, and it is putting us all at risk – especially now that there are more people out walking and cycling than ever before!

If you want to read the open letter, you can find that here in full.
You can support this national campaign by signing the petition on change.org.

Number of Bicycle Thefts Increases Alongside Number of Cyclists

Many people are dusting off their bicycles and cycling to the city now that there is less traffic on our roads and using public transport during a pandemic is less than appealing. Unfortunately, this has also led to increased numbers of bicycle thefts!

Police from the Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley Crime Prevention Unit have issued a bicycle theft crime alert, warning cyclists that thieves are targeting bicycles in several areas in central Brisbane and Fortitude Valley over the last couple of weeks:

  • Brisbane City: Queen Street
  • Spring Hill: Leichhardt Street
  • Kelvin Grove: Ramsgate Street and Kelvin Grove Road
  • Bowen Hills: King Street
  • Newstead: Evelyn Street
  • New Farm: Welsby Street

A range of different bikes are being targeted, police say, as everything from medium priced bikes to road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes have been reported stolen in the aforementioned areas recently.

Police say that the bikes have been stolen from a range of locations, including open air carports, residential unit block communal garages, residential yards and residential garages.

It is strongly recommended that bike owners or people who live in or cycle to these areas properly secure their bicycles. Always secure your bicycle with a high quality padlock or chain to a solid and immovable object, and always close and lock your garage doors.

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Cycling: Social Distancing Built In!

The coronavirus pandemic is still locking down large parts of society, and gyms have all been ordered to close. Ways to exercise are more or less limited to runs, walks, bodyweight exercises and cycling!

Cycling is a fantastic way to get your legs going and heart pumping! Here are some key reasons why you should begin cycling today!

  • Social distancing

One of the best things about cycling right now is that social distancing is built in! There’s only one person on your bike, and keeping a 1.5m distance to your friends is easy as can be!

  • No need to touch any foreign surfaces

With coronavirus spreading through droplets that can survive on public surfaces, it is great for your peace of mind that cycling doesn’t require you to touch any surfaces. If you want, you can simply wipe down your handlebars and bottle after a ride, and you’ll be all set for your next workout!

  • Fantastic workout – minimal equipment

Cycling is a fantastic way to exercise for a couple of different reasons. First of all, it is an excellent cardio workout, and keeping your lungs strong and healthy has never been more important! It is also extremely adaptable, and you can just go at your own tempo. Last, but not least, it doesn’t require much equipment. Just a bike and a helmet! No need to worry about special shoes, outfits, bottles, or any other pieces of equipment that other sports require.

  • Less pollution

By cycling, you help do your bit for the environment, which is still very important. We haven’t forgotten about the bushfires and smoke that strangled large parts
of our lucky country just a few months ago, and neither should you. It is still important to reduce our carbon footprint!

  • Permanent changes to commuting

The current nationwide lockdown had led to a 50% decrease in traffic and a drop of 60% usage of public transport. Co-director of the Australian Urban Design Research Centre, Julian Bolleter, believes that a perception of risk will remain over public transport, which could lead to permanent changes to the buses, trains and ferries on offer in metropolitan cities.

It seems increasingly likely that our lifestyles may be permanently altered by this pandemic, even after the restrictions are lifted. As more people work from home or other remote locations, cyclists will once again enjoy the benefits of fewer cars in city streets.

Obviously, there are many more reasons why cycling is incredible, but these points are perhaps most pertinent these days.

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