The Best Cycling Apps For Your Ride To Work

In the digital age, there is a plethora of technology you can take advantage of to make your cycling life easier.

If you have started riding to work, there are plenty of cycling apps available to make the most out of your ride and make sure you don’t run into any problems on your way to the office. 

These apps have a range of benefits with different focuses and aims, from fitness to convenience. So which are the ones you should download?


Strava cycling app
Image source: Strava

If you use your commute to improve your fitness, then Strava is the app for you. Using GPS, you can upload your ride to your online profile and see your stats. The app tracks:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories burned
  • Elevation rode

This is a great way to record yourself and set goals… and you can even see how your friends are going with Strava’s social media side!


Komoot cycling app
Image source: Komoot

It can be boring going the same way to work every day. With Komoot, you can plan different routes, depending on what you want out of it. 

This route planner, voice nav & offline maps app is also great for your hiking and mountain biking adventures.

You won’t get lost – you will be able to receive turn-by-turn voice navigation, as well as track your route and research popular cycling routes in Queensland.


If you’re riding to work, you’ll want to know if there is anything to prepare for before you go. A reliable weather app, like the New BOM App, will make sure you are prepared rain, hail or shine!

If you have all the technology down, make sure you have all your bases covered before you ride to work. If you are riding in Brisbane, cycle2city has you covered. Our storage facilities, showers and workshop are equipped with everything you’ll require to ride to work. 

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A Guide For People Who Want To Ride To Work But Can’t Get Started

You may be well aware of the physical, psychological and environmental benefits of riding your bike to work… but the push to actually start doing it isn’t easy for everyone.

Many people find it difficult to motivate themselves when considering swapping the car for the bike but it doesn’t mean it should stop you.

There are plenty of things you can do to get yourself on the saddle and riding to work. 

Here are our tried and true tips:

Get The Gear

The right clothes, bike and helmet are imperative for any ride… and without these, it’s understandable why you’re finding it difficult to get started.

You don’t have to buy new. The old bike in the back shed might just need a bit of ‘tending to’ before it’s good as new… check out our post on How to Maintain Your Bike – The Ultimate Guide to get it back up to scratch.

Set Achievable Goals

A good way to get started is by setting yourself easy to meet goals.

This could be as simple as easing yourself into it by going for a ride on the weekend as a trial. Otherwise, you could set yourself the challenge of riding to work once or twice a week, which is a great way to form a new habit. 

It can also be helpful to know The Impressive Benefits of Riding to Work in Brisbane. Riding to work has positives for you, your wallet and the environment… and reminding yourself of this might just be the push you need to get started.

Infographic about the benefits of cycling

Make a Plan to Ride Work

Knowing what time to get up, what route you are going to take and where you’re going to store your bike when you get there can help make the first ride to work a lot easier.

If you are wondering what to do with your bike when you get to work, cycle2city has got you covered if you’re riding to work in Brisbane.

Located in the heart of Brisbane, cycle2city has a range of wonderful facilities that are fully equipped to make riding to work easier for you. This includes secure storage, lockers, access to showers and a workshop!

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