Must Do Bike Rides In Brisbane

Whether you are riding for fitness or pleasure, there are some great trails around Brisbane that are a must for every bike rider!

Suitable for a range of fitness levels, you can stick to the city or head out into nature to really see the sights that Brisbane has to offer. 

Here are the rides to consider next time you are up for a cycle…

Kangaroo Point Bikeway

If you’re after a simple and scenic ride, head over the Kangaroo Point Bikeway.

Beginning beneath the Story Bridge at Captain Burke Park, this leisurely cycle connects to the Woolloongabba Bikeway and CBD, with options to continue past leafy Southbank and into West End if you’re keen for more.

Length: 3.5 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Mostly flat

Mt Coot-tha Loop

Ride Brisbane City


For those after a bit more of a challenge, head over to Mount Coot-tha for a hilly ride right in amongst nature.

Starting from Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, you can choose to ride clockwise for an easier uphill and thrilling descent, or challenge yourself for a heart pounding ride to the top by going anti-clockwise… either way, you’ll be rewarded for your effort with some spectacular views of the city!

Length: 16 kilometre loop

Difficulty: Intermediate

Terrain: Hilly

Shorncliffe to Scarborough

If you are looking for a sea change, jump on the train to Shorncliffe for a longer ride. You’ll barely notice the distance with the spectacular views of the Coral Sea… you might even be lucky enough to glimpse a dugong or whale!

Be sure to stop in at Redcliffe and Woody Point during your ride and make sure to pack your swimmers!

Length: 41km return

Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: Mostly flat

Boondall Wetlands

Image source: BQ

If you are looking to get back into nature, head over to the Boondall Wetlands Trail. 

Ride through the paperbark forest and marshland to glimpse the many waterholes, wildlife and migratory shorebirds. The gentle slopes, narrow bridges and plenty of winding trails will add plenty of variety to your cycle too. 

Being wetlands, mozzies and other insects can be an issue, so pack the insect repellent, just in case.

If you’re a nature lover, make sure to start at the Nudgee Beach Reserve and finish at Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre to learn more about the environmental and cultural heritage of the wetlands!

Length: 12 kilometres return

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Terrain: Mostly flat, along cycle paths

If you’re a Brisbane local and a keen bike rider, squeeze in your biking by cycling to work! There are numerous bikeways to get to the city that you’ll be sure to love and there’s no better time to check them out than your daily commute.

As with any ride, make sure you keep hydrated, so pack a water bottle.

Check out our blog on The Impressive Benefits of Riding to Work in Brisbane and be sure to drop in at cycle2city to use our impressive facilities. Have a chat to our team today or GRAB A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL.

How to Handle Your Summer Cycle Commute in Brisbane

We all know that summer in Brisbane can be hard to handle… but it shouldn’t be the reason to give up your bike ride to work. 

However, it’s important to look after yourself on your commute. No one wants to come to work sweaty and red-faced, or with more serious health concerns, so it’s important you take action to mitigate those risks.

If you love all of the benefits that come with riding to work, here are the best ways to make it through summer…

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Keeping your fluids up is important throughout the year but it is especially crucial in summer, particularly if you are exercising. 

Dehydration can cause a range of issues but is easily avoidable by drinking water before and after you ride, and keeping a drink bottle on hand for sips during your cycle!

Plan Your Route

In the height of summer, you’ll want to minimise the time that you spend in the sun. You’ll thank yourself later if you plan ahead and choose a shadier route with fewer hills on your way to work.

A particularly gruelling route isn’t a good idea if you’re riding in the heat of the sun as it can lead to numerous heat-related illnesses, such as heatstroke.

Heat stroke symptoms and prevention - ride to work

Choose Your Times Wisely

As well as where you ride, it is also important to plan when you ride. 

For most of us, the commute to work will usually be in the mornings and evenings anyway, but it’s always good to keep in mind that you should be riding in the cooler parts of the day so you don’t overheat. 

Dress For It

It may be obvious, but wearing thicker, less breathable clothing isn’t going to keep you cooler. Have a chat to your local bike shop for summer gear that offers sufficient ventilation!

Be Sun Safe

While it’s important to dress for the weather in terms of keeping cool, you should also ensure that you’re being sun safe. You should:

  • Cover up (with breathable clothing)
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses

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Cool Off!

Before going into work, you’ll want to cool off from your ride. At cycle2city, we have a variety of facilities to accommodate your ride to work… including cold showers! 

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