Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

If you have a special somebody in your life, this is a great opportunity to show them how much they mean to you… and there is no better way to do this than to plan something that both of you can enjoy together.

Dinner and a movie is always a classic, but if you want to make your day a memorable one, here are three things to enjoy together:

Take A Dance Lesson

Whether you are a master of groove or have two left feet, attending a dance class will be a ball either way.

Brisbane has a wide variety of Dance Classes on offer and you’ll be spoilt for choice on styles. You can be whisked across the floor with ballroom dancing or feel the rhythm with Latin Dance… and have some new moves to bust out next time you’re on the dance floor. 

Attend A Cooking Class

Why not test each other’s capabilities in the kitchen with a cooking lesson!

Instead of choosing a restaurant, you can decide what meal you want to attempt and have the pleasure of making it with your loved one. 

You’ll work away with a delicious meal and a new recipe under your belt!

Hire A Tandem Bike

If you’re looking to get outside and enjoy the weather, a bike ride is a great way to get around.

Given the occasion, consider amping up the fun and hiring a tandem bike. You’ll feel more connected than ever when you’re both trying to steer the same vehicle!

Wondering where to ride? Check out our wrap up of Bike Rides In Brisbane to find the ideal route for you and your partner.

And if you ride in Brisbane often, cycle2city has a range of impressive facilities at your disposal, including safe tandem bike parking. Have a chat to our team today or GRAB A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL.