Cycling5 Cycling Apps Every Cyclist Needs

5 Cycling Apps Every Cyclist Needs

Cycling apps not only make your ride easier and more enjoyable, they can also help to keep you safe. There’s a wide range of apps available, and it can be hard to decide which ones you need. 

In this blog, we’re sharing our 5 favourite cycling apps for 2022. 

Apps for Navigation

Cycling apps for navigation will help you to discover more roads and places to ride. These apps will help you to plan your own route and also discover routes from other riders. Some apps will also plan a route for you if you enter a destination, which is a great way to explore. 

The Google Maps app can be a great option for navigation. To activate the Google Maps feature, click on the double diamond and select Cycling to overlay designated cycling routes.  Some of these are road routes, some are bicycle paths. 

However, if you want to go on a longer ride, we recommend using a specific cycling app like Bikemap. It offers route planning, navigation, real-time updates, and more. You can either use it to plan your own route or to follow one of their routes. It also allows you to alert other Bikemap users of any issues along the trail. 

Apps for Safety

Whether you’re riding to the city or on mountain bike trails, cycling can be dangerous. Having an app that can track your position and send out a distress signal is important for your safety. For example, Bike Computer is a tracking app with a dedicated ‘Keep Me Safe’ feature that can notify your emergency contacts in case of an accident. 

Apps for Fitness

The best cycling apps for fitness will help you to track your performance over time. They can be paired with devices like heart-rate monitors, speed sensors and power meters to give you more data. Some will also give you dedicated training plans to suit your goals. 

TrainingPeaks is like your personal cycling coach. It’s a comprehensive tool for tracking your fitness and fatigue. It allows you to schedule workouts, and follow a training plan. 

Apps for Weather

The weather can change suddenly when you’re out on a ride, so it’s best to be prepared. Rain Alarm is an app that can provide you with accurate weather forecasts, making it easier to plan your ride. The app’s live notifications allow you to alter your route to avoid bad weather. 

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