Riding in the MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride is the perfect way to unwind and get some fresh air on your weekend. Held this Sunday, the 13th, Brissie to the Bay brings together thousands of riders across Brisbane to change the lives of people living with Multiple Sclerosis. 

MS Brissie to the Bay has cemented itself as an important event in the Brisbane cycling calendar each year. Much more than just a fun ride, it raises much-needed funds for MS Queensland. 

Unfortunately, it looks like the event this year is sold out! But we thought we’d let you know about it because there are plenty of reasons to ride in Brissie to the Bay next year… and here’s just six of them for you to think about:


  • Raise support for people with MS: MS is one of the most common diseases of the central nervous system. MS affects more young people in Australia than any other chronic neurological disease. In Australia, more than 25,000 people have MS, including more than 3,700 Queenslanders. Participating in Brissie to the Bay means you can make a difference. 


  • Get exercise: Cycling is a good way to get exercise, whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Riding your bike can burn between 750-1000 calories per hour, which improves your health and fitness. Riding also helps reduce risks associated with physical inactivity including type 2 diabetes, breast and bowel cancer, obesity and depression. Next week is also Men’s Health Week (14th to 20th), so why not start living healthier by riding in Brissie to the Bay. 


  • Improve mental health: Cycling has benefits for mental health, in reducing stress, anxiety and depression, and with Men’s Health Week coming up next on 14th – 20th June, this ride is a great way to make a positive difference in the lives of men and boys… Getting on your bike and riding helps your brain and muscles to relax from the stress and tension of your working week. 


  • Enjoy Brisbane’s bayside scenery: Brisbane’s bayside has much to offer, with ocean views, parks, canals and waterfronts. In Brissie to the Bay, you can choose to ride 10km around the Brisbane Riverside, the scenic 25km ride to Balmoral, the classic 50km to Wynnum, the challenging 100km course to Cleveland or 130km out to Victoria Point and back to the city. Along the way, enjoy the esplanades of Wynnum and Manly, Wellington Point and more.  


  • Ride with your friends: Riding is a great way to hang out, chill out and relax with friends and family. Participate together in Brissie to the Bay as a team or competitively for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.


  • Challenge yourself: Brissie to the Bay has five different courses, with varying levels of difficulty. Riders of all ages and abilities are able to participate. Families and less experienced riders can participate in the 10km course, mid-level riders can take the 25km course, and more advanced riders can complete 50km or 100km. This year, there is also a brand new 130km course for those looking for a challenge. So, it doesn’t matter if your bike’s a bit rusty or you haven’t ridden for years, just give it a go. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get to know the MS Brissie to the Bay, you’ll be super ready to get a team together for next year.

Here at cycle2city, we love this time of year, with the Brissie to the Bay and Men’s Health Week, people are out and about on their bikes more than ever. 

For those cyclists riding in and around the Brisbane CBD any time of year, make sure to check out our fantastic facilities. We have showers, lockers, a workshop and secure storage for your bike so you know it’s safe wherever you are.

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