About Us

Cycle2City Mission Statement

Providing high quality, safe and secure bike parking, showers, lockers and support services at great value for money so that cycle commuting becomes the absolute pleasure it should be.

Cycle2city came about because its founder – John Hack – became frustrated at having sub-standard bike storage and change facilities at his workplace and thought there must be a better way.  John developed the idea and designed a large scale facility that would provide a low cost solution for all commuter cyclists working in Brisbane’s CBD.

He first took his concept to Brisbane City Council way back in 1999 and after dogged perseverance and countless meetings, BCC recognised how this far-sighted innovation would not only fill the missing gap for budding commuter cyclists, but also inspire building owners to think outside the square.

Finally, in 2008, cycle2city opened in King George Square’s Bus Station to much fanfare as both the State Government and BCC saw the huge benefits that such a facility would provide at not only an individual level but also at a community level.  cycle2city also attracted global attention and since opening has been visited by many international delegations seeking an insight into how to better encourage environmentally sustainable and healthy alternatives to their ever increasing health, pollution and congestion problems.

cycle2city became the showcase of what is possible if an employer or building owner really cares about health, environmental and social issues.  Countless end-of-trip facilities have been constructed in new or refurbished buildings throughout not only just Brisbane, but Australia and globally, thanks to the inspiration that cycle2city has provided.  cycle2city continues to inspire people into better commuter choices with great health, environmental, time and cost outcomes, as they make cycling to the city part of their everyday ritual.

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