Brisbane’s new CityLink Cycleway trial bikeway is now open, providing cyclists with safer ways to travel around the city. 

The trial includes a network of dedicated cycling facilities to encourage more residents to use active and sustainable transport. Bikeways are open across Elizabeth Street, Edward Street and William Street to Grey Street, via Victoria Bridge.

The CityLink Cycleway is a 12 month trial that started in February 2021 and will only become permanent if it is well used.

The bikeway occupies a kerbside lane and separates cyclists from vehicle movements using raised yellow curbing. If you haven’t seen or used the CityLink Cycleway yourself…have a look at this video of the Elizabeth St section. 

Video source

Dedicated bikeways like the CityLink Cycleway make it safer, easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for cyclists to ride to work and explore the city. Other benefits include:

  • creating a safe, connected, and accessible cycleway
  • providing more active travel opportunities by complementing the existing bikeways and shared pathway network for cyclists commuting into the city centre
  • improving cyclist accessibility to places of work and local amenities such as shopping precincts, recreational parks and activities in Brisbane’s city centre
  • improving safety for people walking, riding, and driving, and decreasing carbon emissions

Map of the CityLink Cycleway (image source:

We think there’s already plenty of good reasons to ditch the car and ride to work. New projects like Brisbane City Council’s CityLink Cycleway are making it even easier to navigate the city on a bike. 

Riding to work has many health benefits for you, including increasing fitness, reducing stress, and improving mental health. Riding also helps reduce risks associated with physical inactivity including type 2 diabetes, breast and bowel cancer, obesity and depression. But if you’re still not sure about riding to work check out our article “The Impressive Benefits of Riding to Work in Brisbane”

Over 2500 people cycle into Brisbane city each week. So, what are you waiting for?

Many cyclists, skateboarders and scooter riders have been enjoying the CityLink Cycleway, but remember, this is a 12 month trial, with no guarantee the bike lanes will remain past February 2022.  The lanes will only remain permanent if the trial proves successful… so let’s all “use it or lose it!”

Start your day feeling energised and refreshed by the simple act of pumping the pedals before work. 

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