The latest and greatest exercise trend in Europe, and more recently in the US, is underwater cycling! Aqua Cycling is yet to take off here in Australia but it won’t be long before we too have the opportunity to dive into an aqua spin class.

This activity is set up exactly like a spin class, except that the stationary bikes are in a pool. Aqua cycling has many benefits, perhaps the most significant being that your body weight is supported by the water. This means that there is virtually no physical impact on the body, which allows the joints to be protected.

However, a great alternative while we wait for Aqua cycling to make a splash in Australia is deep water running. Deep water running requires you to be submerged in water and allows you to feel resistance through the entire body. This resistance forces opposing muscles to work, providing a great cardiovascular and strengthening workout. In addition to this, being deep in the water decreases stress on the joints and increases the body’s range of motion.

So while we hang out for a ride in the pool,  try out water running and let your body thank you.

Source: http://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/health/health+news/aqua+cycling,25765