Are you affected by ACCC bicycle recalls?

A number of current ACCC bicycle recalls are in effect.

Find out if you are affected and what to do about it.

  1. Check the Product Safety Australia page for further details to confirm if your model is in the recall
  2. The product specific page will guide you as to whether or not you need to discontinue using the product
  3. In addition to identifying the product and when to stop using it.  The page will also provide instructions on how you can arrange for repair or replacement of your affected product.

2015, 2016, 2017 Stance 2 – Handlebar width exceeds the maximum standard requirement.

2017 Embolden 2 – Handlebar width exceeds the maximum standard requirement.

2017 Tempt 1 – Bike is not fitted with a chain guard (all sizes) and the handlebar width exceeds the maximum standard (Small and Medium sized bicycles only).

2017 ToughRoad SLR 0 – Bike is not fitted with a chain guard.


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Competition time frame:  The competition starts 6am 1st February 2017 and will close at 8pm 31st March 2017.  The winners will be drawn on 3rd April 2017 by the manager and director of cycle2city, the decision will be final.  Entries:  You must comply with the cycle2city membership requirements in order for your entry to be valid.  *An existing cycle2city member is a financial member who was current (upfront paid member or 3/6/12 month contract member) on 1st February 2017 and remains a cycle2city member throughout the competition time frame.  *New cycle2city members qualify when signing up to an upfront membership or 3/6/12 month contract throughout the competition time frame. 1 ticket per eligible entry except in the case of a qualified referral.  If referring a friend or family member 3 tickets are applied to the current cycle2city member when a referral signs up to an upfront cycle2city membership or 3/6/12 month contract. Disqualification:  cycle2city reserve the right to disqualify any entrants or entries where we reasonably suspect any unlawful or improper conduct or such that has been a breach of the competition terms and conditions.  Privacy: Please refer to the cycle2city Privacypolicy for further information Notification:  The winners will be notified by phone and email on the day of the draw.  The winners names will be announced on the cycle2city blog and will be shared on the cycle2city Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account.  With the winners permission, cycle2city will post a photo of the winners accepting their prize to the cycle2city Instagram account and will be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Costs and Expenses: The entrants are responsible for any and all expenses that they incur in entering the competition and will not be reimbursed for any costs incurred as a result of entering the competition regardless of the circumstances. Prizes:  Gold Coast accomodation is at Rocks Resort Currumbin, the prize is for accomodation only for up to 2 people.  2 nights accomodation subject to availability – Expires 30.09.2017.  Not available during Peak Periods.  Movie Voucher – Event movie voucher – Expires 30.06.2017.  The prizes are subject to conditions imposed by the supplier.

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Cycle2city update – cycle path closure – North Quay

Footpath and cycle path upgrade – Herschel Street, Brisbane City

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have advised that minor work to the footpath and cycle path will be carried out along North Quay adjacent to the intersection with Herschel Street.

These minor works will provide better access for pedestrians and cyclists.

The work is expected to take place between Sunday 15 January 2017 and Monday 23 January 2017, subject to weather and construction conditions.

Hours of work will be at night, between 8pm and 4am.
Traffic control will be in place to ensure the safety of road workers, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists at all times during the construction.

These works involve:
·       Removal of part of the current path and old fencing
·       preparing and pouring concrete for the new path
·       moving signage to create a clearer footpath
·       fence construction

What to expect:
·       Minor traffic delays and lane restrictions
·       Increased noise and dust from construction equipment and activities.
·       Traffic control will be in place to assist pedestrians and cyclists where necessary.

Every effort will be made to minimise disruptions throughout this project.

Department of Transport and Main Road apologises for any inconvenience.

Cycle2city members can keep up-to-date with information on road closures and traffic conditions across Queensland.  Visit or call131940  

Queen’s Wharf Development Traffic Changes

Queen’s Wharf Development – CBD traffic changes in affect from January 1, 2017.

The Queen’s Wharf Development construction is scheduled to commence on January 1, 2017.   The development is situated between the Brisbane River and George Street, and stretching from Alice Street to Queen Street, the construction of the integrated resort development is expected to take place over 6 years.

During the demolition phase the Bicentennial Bikeway is expected to remain open.  The route for cyclists and pedestrians may change depending on the construction works throughout the six-year build.  Cyclists will be notified through extensive signage and traffic controllers will assist with the safe management of these spaces when necessary.


How to keep up-to-date 


Attention: Swooping birds

A warning to all cyclists and pedestrians to please exercise caution when commuting on walkways/bike paths during ‘swooping season’. The following information has been retrieved from the Brisbane City Council website ( for the purpose of advising commuters how to avoid swooping areas and what action to take when faced with swooping birds.

Between July and December some of Brisbane’s native bird species may become defensive and swoop people who venture too close to their nesting site.

A small percentage of birds strike or swoop as a warning to ward off intruders from their territory. Territories may include your backyard, street, local park or school. This is normal defensive behaviour as the bird is trying to protect their eggs or newly hatched young in their nest. It usually lasts about six weeks.swooping-birds

The most well-known bird for displaying swooping behaviour is the Australian magpie, however other species of native birds have also been known to swoop including the masked lapwing (plover), butcherbird, magpie-lark (pee-wee), little friarbird, torresian crow and noisy miner.

Tips to protect yourself

Follow these tips to stay safe:

  • avoid areas where these birds are nesting during the breeding season
  • if you are swooped, leave the area as quickly as possible but do not run
  • wear a hat or carry an umbrella
  • wear glasses to protect your eyes
  • do not interfere with the birds or their nest as this may increase swooping behaviour
  • watch the birds while walking away quickly – it is less likely to swoop if it knows you’re watching
  • never harass or provoke birds as this makes them more defensive and may lead to a worse attack next time
  • do not touch a young bird.

Bike riding tips

If you are riding your bike you can:

  • stick eyespots, a plastic face or attach cable ties to your helmet
  • dismount and walk (it is believed the birds respond mainly to movement).

Swooping bird management

Brisbane City Council has adopted working towards a natural balance as the guiding management principle in the management of swooping birds. Council:

  • provides information about swooping birds through brochures and at community events to increase understanding and awareness
  • undertake swooping bird assessments and implement appropriate responses on Council land (e.g. installing signage to warn people of swooping birds and installing covered bins to reduce access to artifical food sources).

More information

For more information phone Council on 07 3403 8888.