Did you know that on a bicycle, you can travel up to 1,037kms on the energy equivalent to that of a single litre of petrol? Taking the bike instead of the car has so many benefits, benefits you had probably never even thought of. Like the fact that if you cycle regularly, you can expect to be as fit as an average person 10 years younger than you. Or that on a bicycle your heart works as your own motor which improves it’s own strength and efficiency. When you are cycling through city traffic you are not only faster but friendlier and more free than any other vehicle on the road, meaning you start and finish your day on a higher note.  Other interesting facts about bikes include:

  • On a bicycle you use fewer watts of energy than a car consumes to simply power it’s lighting system for the same distance
  • On a bicycle you consume a 50th of the oxygen consumed by a motor vehicle
  • A moderate half-hour each-way commute will burn eight calories a minute
  • Bicycles have outsold cars for the past six years in Australia, with sales of more than a million bikes per year for three years in a row
  • Driving 4km less a day reduces driving by 1,460km a year – this cuts greenhouse gas by 3,358kg and running costs by $876 for an average medium car

So what more excuse do you need! Keep those legs pedalling and enjoy the wide variety of benefits that riding your bike has to bring.