Just over a month ago the channel 7 TV program Sunday Night aired a segment based on cars versus cyclists, the point of which was to plea with people for more calm and consideration on our roads. To reinforce this plea, the program highlighted what can happen when things go wrong due to the actions of careless motorists.

Although portrayed as a “war”, surely it can’t be considered as such when one side has a weapon of massive destruction, and the other side is unarmed and defenseless. 

Despite this, there have been suggestions made that cyclists should be banned from city centers, or become registered as a “way for motorists to take cyclists seriously”.

The idea  that cyclists hold up traffic is proven entirely wrong by a man named Tim Golby, who created a “How many cars did I pass today” section on the Bicycle Channel. He filmed his commute from the Melbourne suburb of Essendon to the CBD, and by adding the number of cars he overtook and subtracting the ones that passed him, he shows himself beating 589 vehicles into the city.

This is both quick and cheap and keeps you energised and healthy. Think of how much better it would be for all of those involved, including the jammed motorists, if there were more cyclists travelling to work in this way. And the more cyclists there are, the safer it gets for the cyclists on the road.