CyclingCycling Safety for Your Ride To Work

Cycling Safety for Your Ride To Work

Riding to work is a great way to build exercise into your everyday routine and to alleviate stress. However, the roads around Brisbane can be quite choked with traffic, making it difficult to safely navigate the city as a cyclist. 

Here are our top tips to ensure cycling safety on your ride to work:

Avoid Peak Hour

The roads will be busiest during peak hour, generally from 7 to 9 in the mornings and 3 to 6 in the afternoons. 

If your work schedule allows, it may be worth travelling on bike during off-peak times to make it easier and safer. 

Make Use Of Bikeways

Brisbane has many designated bikeways and bike-lanes to help make your journey easier. 

Since February this year, bikeways are open across Elizabeth Street, Edward Street and William Street to Grey Street, via Victoria Bridge. 

The bikeway occupies a kerbside lane and separates cyclists from vehicle movements using raised yellow curbing. This makes it safer for you to ride in areas of high-vehicle use. 

To see the best bikeways to use for your commute, check out Cycling Brisbane’s route planner.

Wear Bright Clothes

A simple way to improve your safety when cycling on busy roads is to dress in bright colours to make you stand out. 

This helps to increase your visibility to drivers and make them more aware of your presence. Chances are you’ll want to have a shower when you get to work anyway, so taking specific riding clothes can be a good idea. 

Stay Focused

When riding to work, it’s important to stay alert. Don’t be distracted by thinking about meetings or emails or all the work you’ve got to do that day. Riding requires your full attention, especially on busy roads. 

Stay focused on the task at hand, and don’t be tempted by your phone. 

Thinking About Starting To Ride To Work?

At cycle2city, our fully-staffed facilities have everything you need to freshen up after your ride to work. 

Regardless of if you are working during the day or starting in the evening, you’ll have access to our facilities 24/7. Securely store your bike, have a shower and even put your bike in for a service at the onsite workshop.

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