With winter just around the corner the sun is beginning to rise later and set earlier, which is why it is important to take extra precautions when riding to and from work. When cycling, the Brisbane City Council says to be sure to wear an Australian standards approved helmet, wear appropriate footwear (enclosed shoes), stay hydrated and know your fitness level/riding skills. Ensure that you obey all road rules, and, if possible, find a bikeway to plan your route. 

Staying safe in the darker months requires you to be seen – use reflectors, use lights and try to wear brighter clothing. Remember to always keep a minimum distance of 1 metre between yourself and other vehicles, and be constantly aware of your surroundings by scanning and shoulder-checking. Make sure you let others know the direction you are travelling by using hand signals, and most importantly be aware of intersections and car doors!

By following these simple tips you will create less danger for yourself and can continue to cycle happily and safely.