The coronavirus pandemic is still locking down large parts of society, and gyms have all been ordered to close. Ways to exercise are more or less limited to runs, walks, bodyweight exercises and cycling!

Cycling is a fantastic way to get your legs going and heart pumping! Here are some key reasons why you should begin cycling today!

  • Social distancing

One of the best things about cycling right now is that social distancing is built in! There’s only one person on your bike, and keeping a 1.5m distance to your friends is easy as can be!

  • No need to touch any foreign surfaces

With coronavirus spreading through droplets that can survive on public surfaces, it is great for your peace of mind that cycling doesn’t require you to touch any surfaces. If you want, you can simply wipe down your handlebars and bottle after a ride, and you’ll be all set for your next workout!

  • Fantastic workout – minimal equipment

Cycling is a fantastic way to exercise for a couple of different reasons. First of all, it is an excellent cardio workout, and keeping your lungs strong and healthy has never been more important! It is also extremely adaptable, and you can just go at your own tempo. Last, but not least, it doesn’t require much equipment. Just a bike and a helmet! No need to worry about special shoes, outfits, bottles, or any other pieces of equipment that other sports require.

  • Less pollution

By cycling, you help do your bit for the environment, which is still very important. We haven’t forgotten about the bushfires and smoke that strangled large parts
of our lucky country just a few months ago, and neither should you. It is still important to reduce our carbon footprint!

  • Permanent changes to commuting

The current nationwide lockdown had led to a 50% decrease in traffic and a drop of 60% usage of public transport. Co-director of the Australian Urban Design Research Centre, Julian Bolleter, believes that a perception of risk will remain over public transport, which could lead to permanent changes to the buses, trains and ferries on offer in metropolitan cities.

It seems increasingly likely that our lifestyles may be permanently altered by this pandemic, even after the restrictions are lifted. As more people work from home or other remote locations, cyclists will once again enjoy the benefits of fewer cars in city streets.

Obviously, there are many more reasons why cycling is incredible, but these points are perhaps most pertinent these days.

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