Cycling is a healthy and green way to commute for work or pleasure, and although many states are taking steps to help make cycling safer with bike lanes, hundreds of cyclists a year are still being killed in fatal collisions with inattentive or aggressive drivers. Many of these drivers aren’t even punished for their crimes. In addition to tougher penalties, there needs to be more public service announcements targeted toward motorists that reinforce the rights of cyclists and encourage both parties to Share the Road. Cyclists have a legal right to use the roadways in Australia and shouldn’t have to endure the road-rage of drivers who think that they alone are entitled to it. The majority of cyclists follow the rules of the road; it is only a small handful of bicyclists, either through ignorance or impairment, who choose not to follow the rules. That handful should also be held accountable for not following the rules of the road.

In order to increase awareness of the necessity to Share the Road, a petition has been put forward that aims to enforce a distance of 1.5m between cyclists and motorists. Whether this distance is realistic remains to be seen. Others have suggested 1m is more attainable, however any step towards knowledge, increased awareness and safety is a step in the right direction.

To vote in the petition follow the link below. Do your bit to help make the streets safer for all