E-bikes, or electric bikes, have enjoyed rising popularity over the past years, and for good reason. 

Electrically-assisted bikes means less work for you when struggling up those hills and could be the extra incentive people need to ditch the car and make the move riding to work.

However, it’s useful to weigh up the pros and cons of e-bikes before you rush out and purchase one…


Environmentally Friendly

Compared to a car, e-bikes are a significantly more eco-friendly alternative to commute to work.

By switching to an electric bike, you’ll have the satisfaction that you are doing your bit for the environment… while avoiding fuel and public transport costs at the same time!

Travel Further

If the distance between your home and work is slightly more than what is rideable, an e-bike might be a good option for you. 

Depending on your fitness level and the terrain of your route, it can be a bit daunting to make the switch to ride to work. E-bikes can help you tackle any steep hills or long distances that may be hindering you making the switch!

A Less Strenuous Form of Exercise

For those with medical conditions, riding a conventional bike to work may not be an option. E-bikes are great for those that want to exercise more, but require a bit more assistance to do so. 

With the added benefit of choosing how much assistance you require, e-bikes are a great way to ease into the exercise routine for those who might have fallen out of it too. 

As your fitness increases, you may even find yourself using the electric assistance less!

Less Sweat!

If you ride to work, a significant drawback to your daily commute is the sweat factor, particularly in sunny Brisbane. With electric bikes, you’ll be able to make your ride as easy or difficult as you desire… excessive sweat and red faces will be a distant memory! 


More Expensive than a Normal Bike

The upfront cost of an e-bike is significantly more than a regular bicycle. An e-bike is more of a long-term investment, which is why you will want to be sure that you’ll get use out of it.

Theft and Vandalism

Unfortunately, because e-bikes are more expensive than regular bikes, they’re more often targeted for theft and vandalism. So extra care needs to be taken in regard to security and extra insurance taken out for peace of mind.


With the added components and batteries, the weight of the e-bike is noticeably more than other bikes. 

This may pose a problem if you are transporting it up stairs or if you’re out riding and the battery runs out… forcing you to pedal a heavier frame without the luxury of added power.

More Complex Parts

When something goes wrong on an e-bike, it can be costly to fix. Due to the added technology, electric bikes often have more specialised parts that are more difficult to fix than your conventional bicycle.

Whether you are riding an e-bike or conventional bicycle, you’ll need a place to store it when you get to work. At cycle2city, we have a range of storage and biking facilities including e-bike servicing available in the heart of Brisbane city. 

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