Is the cost of my valet laundry included in the membership price?

No, however we make it a simple and convenient facility for you to use if you wish.  Once washed and ironed, we place your fresh, clean clothes straight back into your locker for you – usually the next day.  Valet laundry is charged monthly and may be tax deductible if you have corporate uniforms (please confirm with your tax advisor).

I’m worried I may have to queue for a shower, especially in the morning?


We have plenty of showers as the “member to shower” ratios were specifically designed to cover busy periods such as the early morning “rush”.

I run into work and am interested in joining. Can I join, and if so, do I get a discount because I don’t need a bike park?

You are of course, very welcome to join us (subject to availability) however our prices are fixed as we are predominantly focused on the cycle commuter for our membership, you will enjoy the facilities that are at your disposal none the less !! We have a number of jogging members that still see c2c as great value for money.

When you say ‘secure’ what do you actually mean?

You require a smart card (provided with membership) which enables easy day to day access to the cycle centre (also monitored by C2C staff and CCTV ).

Whilst you are encouraged to lock your bike, we believe C2C membership fosters trust and respect between members.

The centre has separate male and female bathroom and locker sections, also requiring electronic access. Cards can be activated and deactivated as necessary.

My bike is very expensive. Who is responsible if it is stolen at C2C?

Whilst we believe C2C will provide secure parking, we must be clear that a condition of membership is the acknowledgment that storage of the bike, and all other personal property is at your own risk and responsibility.

I like the idea and I would like to join but I am a shift worker / work weekends. What can you do for me?

Currently we operate on a weekday basis, however we are considering a 7-day operation further down the track.

I’d prefer to bring my own clothes in and iron them at C2C. Can I do that?

Certainly, there are irons & ironing boards available for member use in each locker room.

Is my membership transferable to another family member or friend if I cannot use it?

Generally no, although this may be considered on a case by case basis.

As a member, can I leave my bike at C2C overnight or longer if I need to?

Yes, you simply have to inform a staff member. However “casual members” must remove their bike and all of their belongings.

I often go out for drinks on a Friday night till late and I need my bike on Saturday. Is their provision to pick up my bike over the weekend?

No, not yet. We are open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday between 6.00am and 8.00pm.

What about bike repairs? Can I get my bike fixed at C2C?

Yes, we have a full service bike workshop , our workshop mechanic is always more than happy to answer any of your bike questions. You can book your bike in for a service or a specific repair as required. The workshop also has a range of parts and accessories for sale.

I am thinking of joining as a six month member but there is the possibility that my job could be transferred in the next few months. Can I get a refund if this occurs?

A pro-rata refund of six month membership fees is available subject to a notification period and administrative charges. Please ask at Reception for full details.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes you can.  We call our hold option “Time Freeze”.  This reduces your fortnightly dues whilst you are not using the cycle2city facilities.  You can put a Time Freeze on your membership in multiples of 1 fortnight and up to a maximum of 2 fortnights each calendar year.  Each Time Freeze must start and end on a direct debit date.

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