It’s simple – Smart Bananas are smart bananas. Not only are they environmentally smart, they are also energy, size and health smart. Grown in North Queensland, the warm and wet climate provides the most ideal conditions for these bananas to grow.

The family-run Smart Banana industry ensures that the trees and environment are both balanced and undamaged in order for the sweetest and perfect sized bananas to be produced. All bananas are hand selected and ideally presented in nature’s clean, hygienic and biodegradable packs which actually use less plastic packaging than other bananas sold at stores and supermarkets, making them a friendlier and more sustainable product.

These Smart Bananas are sold in various markets around Australia, but more excitingly in Australia’s first fresh banana vending machine!¬†They are nature’s perfect health food, being both a natural source of fibre and absolutely fat free, so grab one from the new and exciting vending machine located in Post Office Square.

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