Keeping your bike properly maintained is the best way to avoid costly fixes down the line and ensures it will be riding smoothly for years to come. Here are the best things you can do to maintain your ride:

 Regular Cleaning

 The simplest way to make sure your bike has a long and healthy life is to clean it regularly. A build-up of dirt and mud will only add to the risk of rust and corrosion, affecting the workings of your bike.

Use soapy water and a cloth to sponge and scrub the tyres to get rid of any debris. Keep a smaller brush on hand for the chain, cogs and hard to reach places, which will also benefit from a bike-specific degreaser to help break down any leftover oil and grit. 


Once your bike is cleaned and degreased, use bike lubricant on any of the metal parts that move together, in particular the chain and pedals. This is essential in lessening excessive friction that will ultimately cause wear and damage. However, avoid lubricating brake pads and braking surfaces.

When using lubricant, make sure you’ve properly cleaned the surface beforehand, or you’ll do more harm than good. After applying, allow some time to let it soak in before wiping off any excess.

 Pump Up

Checking to see if your tyres are properly inflated helps to avoid punctures. When pumping up, check the side of your tyre for the recommended pressure and make sure you’re using a pump that’s compatible with your tyre’s valve type.

 Check Your Brakes

 If your bike has rim brakes, the pads can get worn down over time but are easy to replace. You can tell if they need replacement if the grooves barely show.

Many bikes have disc brakes now, which can start rubbing, grinding or screeching during a ride or when braking. There are many reasons why these things happen, including a misaligned caliper or the presence of contaminants and there are varying ways to fix it. Have a look at this video to learn how to maintain bicycle disc brakes. 

Squeaky brakes can be avoided by keeping them clean and be sure to tighten the brake handle and lever if necessary. 

 Tyres and Wheel Bearings

Use a bike stand or turn your bike upside down to check if the bearings are running smoothly and your wheel is straight (true). If not, contact a professional bike mechanic to have a look.

Professional Service

Although home maintenance goes a long way, there is no harm getting a professional to inspect your bike every once in a while. Book in at our onsite pedalon bicycle workshop to make sure 

your bike is riding as it should. 

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