CyclingLower your Fuel Costs with Cycling!

Lower your Fuel Costs with Cycling!

Rising fuel costs are making everyday tasks like commuting to work much more expensive and difficult.

Whether you use an app to find the cheapest fuel in your area or have a strategy to follow the latest fuel trends in Brisbane, you can’t escape the increased costs.

How much has the price of petrol risen?

Recent events like the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, have led to petrol prices skyrocketing. In Australia, we have seen petrol prices soar to over $2.20 in suburban areas and up to $3 in regional areas.

Prices in our 5 largest cities reached their highest point in 8 years in February. Before that peak, they had been steadily climbing since 2020, with an increase of 34%.

Truckies, delivery drivers and commuters who drive to work will be feeling the impact of these increased costs.

How can we reduce fuel costs?

If you’re tired of forking out money for fuel everyday just to get to work, then we have the answer.

Rather than driving to work, why not try riding?

If you were to cycle to and from work for the next 12 months, you could save hundreds in fuel costs while also improving your health.

A yearly pass at cycle2city costs $1,500 which works out to approximately $3.82/day. (Hint: that’s much cheaper than petrol!)

Plus, as a member with cycle2city, you gain access to a multitude of different facilities which are designed to make your morning less stressful. These include:

  • Showers
  • Secure electronic entry for members
  • Irons and ironing boards
  • Hairdryers
  • Fresh towel daily
  • Access to valet laundry and dry cleaning service
  • Air-conditioned locker rooms
  • Full-service on-site bicycle workshop
  • Small retail area providing basic “commuter emergency items” from toothpaste to bicycle accessories

Thinking About Riding To Work?

At cycle2city, our fully-staffed facilities have everything you need to freshen up after your ride to work.

Whether you are working during the day or starting in the evening, you’ll have access to our facilities 24/7. Securely store your bike, have a shower and even put your bike in for a service at the onsite workshop.

For more information, get in touch or GRAB A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL today!