CyclingMust Have Cycling Accessories for Ultimate Convenience

Must Have Cycling Accessories for Ultimate Convenience

Riding your bike can be a simple and convenient way to get to work, get exercise, or enjoy the outdoors. Adding accessories to your bike can make your ride easier and more enjoyable.

There are a wide range of cycling accessories available to choose from. Aside from essential safety gear like a helmet and lights, there are also accessories you can get to make your ride more convenient.

To help you decide what you need, we’re sharing some of our favourite cycling accessories for ultimate convenience.

Water Bottle Holder

Making sure that you drink enough water on your ride is essential, especially in Brisbane’s summer. Having a water bottle holder on your bike is a convenient way to stay hydrated during your ride.


If you’re riding to work or tackling a long trail, then you’ll want space to take things with you. Having storage on your bike can make your ride more convenient. Bike storage doesn’t have to be large or awkward. There are a range of options that will hold your wallet, phone, keys, laptop and lunch safely.

Tyre Pump

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a flat tyre on your ride. Especially if you are on your way to work, a flat tyre can become an inconvenience that makes you late. With a pump, you can easily inflate your tyre and get back on track.

Bike Lock

Having a secure way to store your bike is important to reduce the risk of theft. Locking your bike gives you peace of mind that your bike is safe while you are at work, at the shop, or having your coffee. Visit your local bike shop to find a lock that suits you.

Wanting To Ride More?

Whether you are riding to work or as a part of an event, our fully-staffed facilities have everything you need to freshen up after your ride to the city.

You’ll have access to our facilities 24/7, meaning it doesn’t matter whether you come in the morning, day or evening. Securely store your bike, have a shower and even put your bike in for a service at the onsite workshop.

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