It’s any cycler’s worst nightmare; leaving your bike locked up, only for it to be gone when you come back.

Bicycle theft is all too common across Australia and most stolen bikes aren’t recovered due to the difficulty of determining their owner.

This is why it is incredibly important for all bike riders to take the necessary precautions to avoid attracting thieves. Here are our top tips to ensure that your bike is parked safely…

Buy a Quality Lock

It may be obvious, but the better lock you have, the less chance your bike will be stolen.

Many cable locks can be easily cut with a pair of garden scissors, so you’ll want to make sure that your bike is secured with a U-lock or similar.

Ideally, you should be locking your bike at two points, at the front and back, for maximum security. Using two different types of locks is also a good idea, as a thief would require two different methods and tools to cut through them.

Avoid Parking In Over- and Under-Crowded Places

Where you park your bike also matters.

Bike thieves are opportunistic and will target bikes that are inconspicuous to steal. This presents a paradox because a bike locked in an empty place is just as inconspicuous to take as one that is locked in an overly crowded place. 

If you are going to lock your bike on the street, make sure you do it in a well-lit, open area where there are just enough people to notice it being stolen.

Make It Noticeable

If your bike does get stolen, there are some things you can do to increase the chances that you get it back:

  • Take a photo of it
  • Record the serial number
  • Make it distinctive with colours, stickers and reflectors

These precautions will make it a lot easier to distinguish when you are tracking it down… and the added decorations may also act as a deterrent for bike thieves wanting a low-key robbery. 

If it is a particularly expensive bike, you may also want to add it onto your home and contents insurance. This means that even if it does get stolen, you’ll be able to get back to riding ASAP!

Get Proper Storage

Even if you park your bike in an appropriate place with a secure lock, there is still a chance that a determined thief will nab it.

An almost guaranteed way to ensure that your bike won’t be taken is to store it in a secure facility that is equipped to keep it safe.

In Brisbane, look no further than cycle2city’s impressive facilities. We have everything you need to keep your bike safe while you go about your day with peace of mind.

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