Use this handy worksheet to workout the benefits of becoming a member of cycle2city.

Money Saved

Simply look up what return fare you are paying (remember it is 2 trips a day) and deduct the daily cost of c2c membership (say $4.80/day).  Multiply this figure by the amount of times you expect to use c2c in a year and start planning how you are going to spend all that extra money you have saved. For example a 3 zone return go card fare is $8.48 and if you joined for 6 months this would cost you $4.80 per day saving you $3.68 per day.

If you ride 4 days per week for say 48 weeks you could potentially save $706.56 a year. Would that be handy.


This handy calculator asks how long you ride for, how much you weight and how quickly you ride to work out energy burned on your daily ride. It even works out how many Tim Tams this would be equal too.  No more guilt.

Environmental Sustainability

Work out your contribution to environmental sustainability by estimating the potential CO2 pollution that driving to work would have caused.

We suggest printing out this worksheet and filling out the boxes as you go. We are confident that a very compelling case to start to commuter cycle into c2c will emerge.


Money$ burned
Environmental CO2 reduced