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Ride 2 WorkThe route you take to work can make a big difference to your experience. Ask an  rider in your workplace for tips and advice for what makes the best route and check out the Ride the City tool below to find the route that suits you.

Online Map and Route Assistance is a great website for planning your route. Simply type in your home address and your destination and the quickest routes (and alternatives) are provided for you in seconds. Best of all it is free.

Brisbane City Council Transport Information Centre (TIC)

BBC TIC is conveniently located immediately above cycle2city in the King George Square Station. The friendly staff at TIC can provide personalised advice on the best route to take on your cycle commute. You can also pick up the latest cycle maps for you area – all for free. We encourage you to drop in at the TIC when you visit cycle2city. You can find out more information at