You probably already know all the benefits of riding to work (saving money and time, getting fit, staying healthy, green travel…the list goes on), but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you are a little nervous about riding in traffic or about what to do in wet weather. Bike commuter Lisa Dempster shares her tips.

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Top 5 Cycling Apps

1. iMapMyRide+

With the iMapMyRide+ app, you can track all your vital cycling data, including time, speed, distance, and elevation. The app will also track heart-rate data via a dongle that must be purchased separately. You can view cycling routes on a map and sync your workout data to an online account at

2. iBiker

iBiker is free to download and use to track your workouts – runs, rides, Spin and other cardio exercises*. It maps your outdoor runs and rides, gives you time, distance, speed and more.

3. Cycling Proficiency

Safely should always be a priority, whether you’re a novice or an old hand. This app gives help in handling various situations, rules and laws, plus best practice tips.
Pros: Tips on how to tackle crossings, junctions, clothing, signs and the dos and don’ts of cycling on the road.

4. Bicycle Gear Calculator — Bike Gears

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Designed by a cyclist, for cyclists, Bike Gears is the premier Bicycle Gear Calculator for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

5. Cycle Watch – GPS Cycling Computer for Outdoor Biking

Aimed at users who require top-class GPS navigation directions and easy route management for fitness, Cycle Watch, the best cycling app for outdoor biking will help you ride faster, be healthier and live longer. It can be used for cycling, running, walking and more.