CyclingRiding to Work or Study in Brisbane – Top Tips

Riding to Work or Study in Brisbane – Top Tips

Whether you’re considering renewing a good habit or you’re thinking of making a commitment to your health in the new year, cycling to and from work is a cost effective way to start taking your health seriously. 

When you cycle to work, you’re eliminating your public transport or parking costs. You’re also dramatically reducing your carbon footprint!

So if you’re ready to get back on the saddle, here are our top tips for cycling to work and study in Brisbane.

1. Make Sure You Are Prepared!

If you’re new to cycling, it can be an overwhelming task to know where to start. To ensure that you are prepared for the best and the worst, we recommend you prepare the following things:

Safety first: While cycling to work and university is great for your overall health, it’s important that you consider your safety as #1 priority. 

Making sure your bike has all the necessary safety gear is the first step in ensuring you get from Point A to Point B in one piece. Before you start pedaling, make sure you’ve got the following:

  • Appropriate lights (fully charged or a change of batteries!).
  • Practice changing a tyre.
  • Set of gloves (you want to protect your hands in the event of a fall).
  • A bell on your bike (This is the law and you want to avoid a fine if you can).

Plan your route: Knowing where you are going will make your commute much quicker and less stressful. There are many methods to plan your route but we would highly suggest making use of a mobile app that allows you to plan and track your rides. Strava is a very popular app, as is MapMyRide.

If your route means you need to share the road, then make sure you know how to stay safe and avoid conflict with drivers.

2. Work Clothes And End Of Trip Facilities 

It can be easy to get wrapped up in the moment and forget about clothes, laptops and other items you will need once you arrive at your destination.

Part of planning your ride to uni should include:

  • Thinking about what you’ll need to look the part once you arrive, (clothes, shoes, makeup, hairdryer).
  • Deciding where you’ll get cleaned up and changed.
  • Where you’ll park your bike and how you will secure it.

cycle2city in the heart of Brisbane city has all this covered, including fully staffed, secure bike storage with showers and lockers. 

If you’re wondering how to best keep your clothes crease-free and presentable, check out this article we found.

3. Relax And Enjoy!

You are taking your health, time and money into your own hands by making the decision to get into cycling. 

No longer will you be frustrated by depressing peak hour traffic; rather, you will be enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing past your face and arriving at work energised and refreshed. 

Cycling to work or university also means you have the freedom to ride at your own pace. While other cyclists may be travelling at high speeds, don’t feel pressure to follow suit. Stay at a speed you’re comfortable with and that feels safe.

Last but not least, you may encounter some grumpy drivers on your travels. Just remember to stay positive, safe and don’t let them ruin your vibe – they are probably just having a bad day. Remember to wave and smile and enjoy your ride to work in the fast lane!

Thinking About Starting To Ride To Work?

At cycle2city, our fully-staffed facilities have everything you need to freshen up after your ride to work. 

Regardless of if you are working during the day or starting in the evening, you’ll have access to our facilities 24/7. Securely store your bike, have a shower and even put your bike in for a service at the onsite workshop.

For more information, Get in touch or GRAB A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL today!