When riding on the road, there are a few rules we must follow to keep everyone safe. Sharing the road with vehicles can be challenging at times, so here are some tips to help you navigate your cycling experience.

In Queensland, cyclists on the road must follow the same rules as general road users, as well as specific cycling rules.

Drivers can often get frustrated with cyclists who don’t know the road rules, don’t clearly signal where they are going, or decide to disobey the rules. This can lead to ‘lycra rage’, that is road rage against cyclists, including beeping or abusive behaviour. 

The best way to avoid conflict with drivers is to know what your responsibilities are as a cyclist. Learning how to share the road is also important to keep you safe. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Be predictable: Other road users need to know where you are on the road, and where you are going. Make sure to keep a safe distance behind vehicles (at least 2m) and always use a hand signal to indicate when you are going to turn.
  • Stay calm: If a situation occurs and a driver becomes aggressive, it’s best for you to remain calm. Talk to them and find a way to resolve the issue. Also, if you are at fault, make sure not to do the same thing next time.
  • Be patient: As a cyclist, it’s important to be patient when sharing the road with others. For example, don’t be impatient when giving way at roundabouts or intersections. When overtaking, make sure to not overtake a vehicle that is indicating and turning left and not overtake a vehicle if it is not safe.
  • Stay alert: When riding on the road, remember to stay alert and be aware of the other vehicles around you. Riding requires your full attention, so avoid anything that will distract you. Remember, holding your phone or resting it on your body when riding is illegal. 

Follow these tips to have a great time riding on Brisbane roads. For more information, visit the Queensland Government website.

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