Got some time off this winter? Why not kick it up a notch and head to the slopes for an action-packed ski adventure! Although it might be tempting to escape to warmer climates or curl up on the couch with a good book and hot chocolate, a ski holiday offers a unique balance of adventure and relaxation that you won’t find from the comfort of your sun lounge.


This week, Morgan Lee from Snowcentral has given us some great insights into why a snowboarding holiday might be just what you need this winter.


Cycling and snowboarding in a sense are very similar. You might find many of the reasons listed here match up with the reasons why you started cycling! So as the snow begins to fall, let’s have a quick look at why you should try snowboarding this season.


1. Fitness

Snowboarding can significantly improve your physical and mental fitness. It tests your vision, balance and coordination while providing an intense cardio-vascular workout. Exercise is also key to a good night’s sleep, guaranteed after a big day on the slopes. What’s more, if you spend most of the day skiing or riding, chances are you’ve burnt off those apres-ski beers from the night before.

2.  Mountain Lifestyle

Even if you only get to experience it for a few days, there is something special about being on a mountain. After a solid day of snowboarding, kicking back in front of the fire in one of the many lounges dotted around most ski resorts,means kicking back with great people. Snowboarders are adventurous and open-minded, and more than happy to listen to your stories of how you got some big air or almost hit a tree. Like cycling, snowboarding is a social experience and a great way to meet like-minded people.

3. Family Friendly

Nothing beats a family ski trip. There are heaps of things to keep the kids entertained from sledding to building snowmen and even the occasional snowball fight. But the real gem is ski school. Ski schools offer lessons for all ages at every skill level and while the kids are busy making friends and tearing up the bunny hill, you’re free to duck off to a more challenging part of the mountain or perhaps a quiet, kid-free lunch.

4. Natural Beauty

Standing a few thousand metres above sea level, looking out at the valley below is a pleasant reminder of just how breathtakingly beautiful this planet can be. The fresh air, free from the stench of exhaust fumes invigorates your body, and the rush of the cold wind in your ears as you cruise down the run awakens your senses. There’s no need for motors here, just you, your snowboard, and nature.

About to shred down the mountain


Okay, so who’s ready to hit the slopes? All you need now is some comfy snowboard boots and a board and you’re well on your way! Snowboarding is a fantastic sport that improves your wellbeing and opens you up to the beauty of nature. If you do manage to get to the mountains this winter, I guarantee you will come back feeling a million times better than if you spent your holiday lazing on the beach!