Learning to ride a bike can be a challenge. Remember all the scraped knees and elbows when you took off your training wheels and changed to a big kids bike? 

The good news is there’s an easier way to teach your child to ride today. They can skip training wheels and go straight to riding, without falling off. 

Here’s how: a balance bike.

A balance bike has no pedals, as kids push along the ground with their feet instead. Like the name suggests, balance bikes teach kids to balance and ride independently. 

Learning to ride a balance bike is easy. There are four basic steps: 

  1. Stand and walk
  2. Sit and walk
  3. Sit and run
  4. Run and glide

Generally, kids will move through these steps on their own. All they need is a little encouragement from you. 

As Trek Bikes explain, balance bikes are much easier than training wheels because they naturally teach kids how to tilt, steer and balance. Training wheels teach them how to ride unbalanced, so when they transition to a normal bike, they have to relearn. 

Balance bikes are perfect for giving kids confidence and control when riding. With a balance bike, they can ride easily on any terrain and enjoy exploring. 

Suitable for eighteen months to six years, balance bikes are the easy way to teach your child to ride. See their confidence grow and riding ability soar. 

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