CyclingThe Future of Cycling to Work in Brisbane – Green Bridges

The Future of Cycling to Work in Brisbane – Green Bridges

Cycling to work in Brisbane will become even easier with five new green bridges in the pipeline and due to start being built later this year, connecting the city.

The green bridges will connect Kangaroo Point to the Botanic Gardens, Toowong to West End, St Lucia to West End, and more. The Breakfast Creek bridge will connect Brisbane’s northern suburbs with the CBD.

The green bridges make it easier to get around the city on foot, bike or scooter or connecting with public transport. The new bridges improve safety for riders by including separate cycling and walking lanes.

They will create a healthier, more active, city and reduce congestion on roads. Brisbane City Council will invest $294 million over the next four years to progress their 10-year Green Bridges program.

Construction of the Kangaroo Point and Breakfast Creek bridges will begin later this year, and will be completed by 2023. Planning for the other bridges is underway, and open to community consultation.

Council has released the design of the Kangaroo Point bridge.

Key features of the bridge include:

  • A river crossing between the corner of Alice Street and Edward Street in the CBD, and Scott Street at Kangaroo Point with a length of around 460m
  • An elegant single-mast cable stayed structure, designed to complement the city skyline and minimise visual impact
  • Dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths, with a minimum width of 6.8m along the length of the bridge, and a maximum grade of 1:20
  • A navigable bridge clearance height of 12.7 metres (as per the Captain Cook Bridge), with provision for a 60m wide navigation channel
  • A variety of places to pause and take in expansive river and city views
  • Sub-tropical design elements including landscaping, and shade along the length of the pedestrian path
  • Potential opportunities for commercial activation such as food and beverage outlets and event spaces

We think there’s already plenty of good reasons to ditch the car and ride to work. New projects like Brisbane City Council’s green bridges are making it even easier to navigate the city on a bike. 

Start your day feeling energised and refreshed by the simple act of pumping the pedals before work. 

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