If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your commute to work and get some exercise, cycling to the city is the way to go.

With e-bikes becoming more popular and affordable, riding to the city is becoming even easier. When it comes to commuting, a cargo e-bike is the genuine alternative to a car.

Electric cargo bikes are built to safely carry heavier loads such as children, commercial goods or everyday necessities. Often used instead of cars, cargo e-bikes have specific design features and engineering to carry out their job as your reliable transporter.

Cargo e-bikes can carry loads up to 2000kgs. Some offer dual battery technology for longer distances and some have dual suspension for rider comfort and sensitive loads. All cargo e-bikes can be configured and accessorised to suit your needs.

Source: Dyson Bikes


There are two main types of cargo e-bikes: front-loader or long-tail. Front-loader bikes suspend a box between the rider and the front wheel, whereas long-tail bikes extend the rear of the bike to accommodate more space.

Both shapes have pros and cons. If you get a front-loader bike, you’ll need a garage or storage space. They’re also more difficult to maneuver and take practice to ride at slower speeds. A long-tail bike moves much more like a regular bike and is easier to store.

Whether a long-tail or front-loader suits you depends on what you’re transporting and the condition of the roads you’re riding on. It’s also up to personal preference and what you feel more comfortable riding. Take the time to test out several different models and styles before committing.

There’s no excuse not to be riding to work. There are many health benefits to riding to work, including increasing fitness, improving mental health, reducing stress and reducing risks of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Plus, save time, money and the environment.

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