Recent studies have shown that not getting those 6-8 hours of sleep that our body needs each night can lead to serious health implications – even losing just one single night’s sleep can have an immediate effect on the body. Extensive research has demonstrated that a lack of shut-eye and disrupted sleeping patterns can suppress the immune function and increase the chances of heart attacks and potentially fatal cardiovascular disorders. Various other negative factors have been associated with sleep deprivation, including evidence that it could physically shrink the size of your brain. Other factors include:

  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Visual and auditory delusions
  • Paranoia
  • Weight loss
  • Tissue-damaging inflammation
  • Sugary and fatty food cravings
  • Risky decision-making
  • Changes in gene activity

Therefore the importance of a good night’s sleep is crystal clear – ensure those 6-8 hours of Zzz’s are acquired each night and your body will without a doubt thank you for it.