Some people ride to work just because it’s fun, but it provides so many other benefits, like increased wellbeing and convenience… And get this, it can reduce your risk of developing heart disease by almost half!

That’s pretty amazing…

But if you need more than just fun to get you on your bike, these impressive benefits are sure to get you cycling to work in Brisbane in no time.

Benefits of cycling to work infographic

Source – Queensland Government

Experience the outdoors: Brisbane is a beautiful city and enjoys wonderful weather all year round, but for the majority of us, working means 8 hours stuck inside a building. Riding to work allows you to get out and experience the outdoors and feel more alive. That’s extremely beneficial.

Improves overall physical health and fitness: Riding is a great aerobic activity, giving your lungs, blood vessels and heart a workout. It also offers other health benefits, including:

    • Improved joint mobility
    • Stronger bones
    • Increased cardiovascular fitness
    • Stronger heart muscles
    • Reduced resting pulse rate
    • Lower blood fat levels

As a result of these health benefits, cycling lowers your health risks: Research has found that riding to work can lower the risk of various health problems including heart disease and cancer. 

Improves strength: Cycling improves muscle strength, coordination and balance, and because it’s a low impact activity, it’s great for people with joint issues such as osteoarthritis. Allowing them to keep active without doing damage.

Supports positive mental health: Mensline Australia promotes cycling as one of the best exercise activities for positive mental health. Cycling offers exercise and exposure to the outdoors, this combination is especially beneficial in:

    • Improving mood due to the fun and wellbeing created from cycling, also known as the ‘cycling high’.
    • Better sleep. We all sleep a little better when we exercise regularly.
    • Improves memory by building new brain cells.
    • Promoting a new way of thinking which increase the feeling of wellbeing.

Time-saving: We all hate wasting time sitting in peak hour traffic. Riding to work avoids all that, it’s predictable, you reach your destination in the same amount of time every day. And for distances of under 5km, cycling can even be quicker than by car.

Money-saving: It’s easy to see that it’s much cheaper to buy and maintain a bicycle than a car. It also saves transport costs, riding a bicycle 10km each way to work each day will save about $1,700 per year in transport costs (including all running costs and depreciation)” – Queensland Government. 

Riding to work a couple of times a week provides all the exercise you need, so there’s no need to spend money on the gym.

Environmentally friendly: Requiring no petrol and producing no harmful emissions, cycling to work is a great way to do your bit for the environment.

If you’ve ever wanted to ride to work in Brisbane, this list of impressive benefits should give you the push needed to take the next steps and start seriously considering riding to work.

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