There are a few companies out there who rank and report on the best cities for bicycling, and you can add Coya to that list. The insurance tech startup based in Berlin has created their own analysis of the world’s top cycling cities.

Crunching the numbers on 16 categories ranging from safety to local weather year-round, Coya employed statistical analysis instead of subjective feelings and opinions, and arrived at a list of 90 cities.

The top 10 Cycling Cities in the World

Here is Coya’s top 10:

  1. Utrecht (NL)
  2. Münster (DE)
  3. Antwerp (BE)
  4. Copenhagen (DK)
  5. Amsterdam (NL)
  6. Malmö (SE)
  7. Hangzhou (CN)
  8. Bern (CH)
  9. Bremen (DE)
  10. Hannover (DE)

As you would expect, the top 10 is heavily skewed towards central and northern European cities, who have been at the forefront of city cycling for decades. In fact, 30 of the top 35 are European cities.

The Chinese city of Hangzhou sneaks into 7th place despite poor safety results relative to others in the top 10. The other two non-European cities in the top 20 are Montreal, Canada, in the 16th spot and Melbourne in 20th.

Melbourne’s statistics here are actually very impressive. Their great safety statistics lands them the second highest Safety Score overall. The only other Australian city represented in the top 90 is Sydney in 40th, which actually comes third in the Safety Score category.

New Zealand is also represented twice in the top 50, through Wellington (30th) and Auckland (49th). The highest placing African city is Morocco’s Casablanca in 42nd.

You can read Coya’s full Bicycle Cities Index 2019 report here to read more about their data categories, individual scores, and the full list of the 90 best cycling cities in the world.

What about Brisbane?

So Brisbane didn’t quite make the cut this year, but that’s okay. Building new cycling infrastructure is a big priority for Brisbane City Council going forward, and we’re excited to see all of the improvements this will bring.

Five new green bridges have already been announced, and are being planned right now. They are:

  • Toowong to West End
  • St. Lucia to West End
  • Kangaroo Point to CBD
  • Breakfast Creek 
  • Bellbowrie

An increased focus on cycling and pedestrian traffic, and linking these with the CBD and public transport routes will do wonders for Brisbane as a cycling city. It will help clear up traffic congestion and pollution.

End-of-trip facilities like ours at cycle2city will surely also play a part in ensuring Brisbane has a future on two wheels. Lack of comfort and convenience are two of the biggest obstacles for people who consider cycling to work, and that’s exactly what we offer at our facilities!

Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Secure, state of the art bike storage for 400+ bikes
  • 400+ personal lockers
  • 15 women’s showers and 18 men’s showers means no queues ever
  • Fresh towels supplied daily
  • Bike workshop with same day service while you are at work
  • Optional dry-clean service with fresh clothes delivered direct to your locker
  • 24/7 member access in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD

Interested in cycling to work? Click here to sign up to a free 7 day trial with us so that you can start work well!