CyclingWhat are End of Trip Bike Facilities?

What are End of Trip Bike Facilities?

Have you ever thought about riding to work but decided not to because you didn’t want to arrive all hot and sweaty? We have the answer: end of trip bike facilities!

Why Use End Of Trip Bike Facilities?

End of trip facilities allow you to freshen up, have a shower, and get ready for work. These facilities are specifically designed to support people who:

  • Cycle, jog or walk to work
  • Exercise during their lunch break

What Do They Include?

End of trip facilities can include secure bicycle parking, locker facilities, showers and change rooms and more.

There are many benefits to having end of trip facilities in your workplace. These include:

  • Building a healthy, active community
  • Encouraging active transport
  • Reducing reliance on cars and demand for parking
  • Improving staff wellbeing
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving workplace culture

That sounds great, but what if your workplace doesn’t have these facilities?

We’ve got you covered! At cycle2city, we provide end of trip facilities for anyone working in Brisbane city and surrounds.

Our facilities include:

  • 420 bike parking spaces
  • Secure electronic entry for members
  • 270 secure lockers and 18 showers for men
  • 150 secure lockers and 15 showers for women
  • 12 lockers in the people with disability area
  • A fresh towel provided daily
  • Irons & ironing boards
  • Hair dryers
  • Access to a valet laundry and cleaning service
  • Full service on-site bicycle workshop
  • Small retail area providing basic “commuter emergency items” from toothpaste to bicycle accessories
  • 24/7 access

Thinking About Riding To Work?

At cycle2city, our fully-staffed facilities have everything you need to freshen up after your ride to work.

Whether you are working during the day or starting in the evening, you’ll have access to our facilities 24/7. Securely store your bike, have a shower and even put your bike in for a service at the onsite workshop.

For more information, get in touch or GRAB A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL today!