CyclingWhat’s Cheaper: Cycling or Driving to Brisbane City 

What’s Cheaper: Cycling or Driving to Brisbane City 

It’s no secret to any of us that the cost of living can be expensive.

Whether you go to the markets to buy your groceries or have a budget you follow down to the last cent, there is one big expense no one can avoid…


Sure, you use the different apps available to find the cheapest petrol in your area…or perhaps you have a strategy of following the price trends in Brisbane. All of these efforts, unfortunately, do not cancel out the rising cost of petrol all around Australia.

Let’s unpack this first. 

So how much has the price of petrol really risen?


Simple answer: a considerable amount.

According to comparethemarket, in October of 2021, petrol prices reached their highest point in 13 years when they peaked at an average price of 160.7 cents per litre.

This is an average for the entire Australian population. In even worse news, the average cost in Brisbane was actually 178 cents per litre in October of 2021.


And how does this compare to before COVID-19?

According to, in the 18/19 financial year, Brisbanites were paying an average of $1.42 per litre. In 2017, petrol was priced at an average of 130 cents per litre and in 2016, the average price of unleaded 91 was 118.6 cents per litre according to RACQ Annual Fuel Price Reports

To put this into simple terms: In the last 5 years, the cost of petrol has risen by 42c a litre, or 35%.

As any car owner knows, this isn’t the only cost associated with owning and driving a car.

If you drive your car to work every day, you’re most likely critically aware of the steep price incurred when parking in the city  

King George Square parking is managed by Brisbane City Council and even if you were to take advantage of their early bird special, you’re still looking at $100 for a week of parking.

That’s $5200 a year.

And if you can believe it, that’s one of the cheaper options. 


There is a solution to all of this though.

A solution that incorporates healthy habits and allows you to get your fitness goals back on track. 

Cycling to work!

If you were to cycle to and from work for the next 12 months, you could savethousands in parking costs while also improving your health. 

A yearly pass at cycle2city costs $1,500 which works out to approximately $3.82/day.

That’s a lot more reasonable than $20 for parking.

That’s not all though.

A member with cycle2city provides access to a multitude of different facilities which are designed to make your morning less stressful such as:

  • Secure electronic entry for members
  • Irons and ironing boards 
  • Hairdryers
  • Fresh towel daily
  • Access to valet laundry and cleaning service.
  • Air-conditioned locker rooms.
  • Full-service on-site bicycle workshop
  • Small retail area providing basic “commuter emergency items” from toothpaste to bicycle accessories.


If you’re looking for a way to save money in the new year, cycling to work and keeping your bike at the facilities provided by cycle2city could be the way that you finally reach your financial goals. 

If you would like to learn more about cycling to work using cycletocity, get in touch today.